Don’t Wait For Tomorrow

A new day, each and every day. We all have them. Cool, right? Why then, with almost not even thinking, do we often say: “Hello Today, Can I put you on hold? Tomorrow is calling.” Without waiting for Today to answer, we click the hold button. (ugh!) We leave Today screaming NO I WILL NOT … Read more

Minimalism, Decluttering, Downsizing

Create Your Oasis

There are many reasons one wants or needs to rid their home of clutter. My Top Ten are below (I also claim many of them): 1. To Live A Simpler Life ~ Create Your Oasis! 2. To Move Into a Tiny Home or RV type lifestyle. 3. To Move to Another Area For A Job. … Read more

Clutter Code Chains

Clutter Code Chains

Discover Your Personal Clutter Code Chains Spoiler Alert! Usually, there is at least one, if not all three, of these Clutter Code Chains (CCC) at any given time. These will weigh on you and your decluttering resolution. As a result, it is no wonder we get paralyzed in our tracks even when we have such … Read more

My Ceramic Water Filter System

Clear containers to show filtration. I use the solid food grade buckets.     The Ceramic Water Filter System that I use is by Pristine Filtration.  I have used this system for the past 5+ years.  Decided to keep this system when moving and brought it with me to my new smaller living home.  I … Read more

Water for My Tiny Home

I have so much to say about water overall, but for today I’ll talk about my current off-grid, non-running water for my tiny home life and current solutions. My smaller home does have a holding fresh water tank of approximately 185 gallons.  I have not yet filled it.   I would like to eventually drill … Read more

The Weight of Minimalism Decluttering Downsizing

Minimalism, Decluttering and Downsizing!

The most popular words that I hear are Minimalism, Decluttering, and even Downsizing.  They are what I am frequently asked to speak on.  UGH! Those words “seem HEAVY to my soul”. Drive Me Nuts!  Why?  They have become labels, catchwords, and keywords. All three are very real.  We all hover around one if not all … Read more

The Job Title of Mom

The Job Title of MOM

I do not know who I received the following story from.  I can tell you that it was printed out for me on December 28th, 2005.  With many stay at home mom’s feeling they are not important, almost invisible these days, (I have been there in my  ‘younger self’ days) I felt it was a … Read more

Budget $25 Food Allowance

Budget $25 For My Weekly Food Allowance

First of all I found my money/food allowance was decreasing while my waistline was increasing. I also found my food extras in the cabinet and refrigerator seemed to be expiring before being used. On top of all that, my blood pressure was beginning to spike.  Perhaps you too can relate to one or all of … Read more

I Started Decluttering My Clothing

On May 1st, 2015, I began my journey of downsizing to a tiny home.   Making the decision to begin by decluttering my clothing, was good.  With seemingly constant prayers to God, Facebook postings, and calls with friends & family, my fast and often overwhelming month timeframe of my journey of decluttering and downsizing began. My ‘then’ closet … Read more

Laundry Day in a Tiny Smaller Home

Laundry Day in a Tiny Smaller Home

The actual laundromat I use. Does laundry day strike fear within your household?  Can you imagine having all your clothes in a tiny smaller home and having to figure out how to wash them?  Yes, I know the fear is beginning to rise. When you begin your journey to a smaller home, you usually downsize … Read more