Minimalism, Decluttering and Downsizing!


The Weight of Minimalism Decluttering Downsizing

The most popular words that I hear are Minimalism, Decluttering, and even Downsizing.  They are what I am frequently asked to speak on.  UGH! Those words “seem HEAVY to my soul”. Drive Me Nuts!  Why?  They have become labels, catchwords, and keywords. All three are very real.  We all hover around one if not all of them in one form or other, dreaming of a simpler life.  Many people embrace their concepts.   Yet a majority have a hard time grasping or applying them to current situations.   Or the difficulties in knowing where to begin to attain any or all of them.  Let alone to complete any of them.

I am one who is “mindfully” attempting to not label using those words. I do have a hard time because they have become the accepted norm.  Why do I actually dislike the usage of those words?  When you hear those 3 words they seem heavy, tend to create a little anxiety or even a guilty feeling.

Feeling Heavy using Minimalism, Decluttering, Downsizing?:

  1.  MINIMALISM:  Can often be miss seen as a poverty state of being, or thrusting oneself into a state of lack. Not having or owning much.
  2.  DECLUTTERING: Connotes having to give away, throw away, deprive oneself and have nothing.
  3.  DOWNSIZING: Not enough space, cramped, and again having to do without, a state of lack.

As a result, it is no wonder that any of the three words: Minimalism, Decluttering or Downsizing when used together or individually, seem to evoke emotions of fear or anxiety over not knowing where to begin to accomplish them.  Sometimes a decision is made to just simply stay stuck where one is, even with the desire for something different.  With known fear, anxiety or almost a guilty feeling; it is easier to remain ‘uncomfortably comfortable'.

Feeling Lighter using Intentionalist, Letgoer, Mindful-sizing?:

Below are the three ‘words' I actually like to use for how I live, what I teach, and what I speak about.  I actually Live it all daily.   Do you feel lighter, airy, perhaps even excited when you hear these 3 words?

  1.  INTENTIONALIST:  Living Intentionally, Creates their Home OASIS.
  2.  LET-GOER:  You decide to keep what is useful, has a purpose for you, and what YOU Personally truly love!  And You LET the Rest Go.  Usually to a place where it will be useful again.
  3.  MINDFUL-SIZING:  Intentionally size for your life, values, earthprint, and your purpose.  Also, I have heard and like ‘Right-sizing'.  However, ultimately I go with Mindful-Sizing.

Because I like the words I use, they are the ones that work for me. They are Uplifting, about Creating and Developing My LIFE.  My goals, my passion.  A life of Joy. I encourage others to do the same. How EXCITING! Yep, still responsible, mindful, excited to breathe.  My Home, My OASIS!

Living as an Intentionalist, a Let Goer in a purposeful and joyful keeping way, as well as with Mindful-sizing intentionally in your life, values, earthprint, and Creator of your Oasis home.  Works for me for sure!  Are You Excited to Create your Home Oasis?

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6 thoughts on “Minimalism, Decluttering and Downsizing!”

  1. Love the “creating your own oasis” description. I personally for the greater part of my life dreamed, created, lived and enjoyed life achieving same. I truly believe that one should live as they dream life “should be” within the bounds of whatever that means to them “personally”. If your dream is to simplify and downsize I am positive that Brenda can help you make that dream come true.
    Blessings over all!

    • Thank you Terrill! It is always a pleasure to work with you. Letting go of all your ’empty’ stuff, that you no longer need, use, want or even like/love. Is an amazing feeling, so much lighter. Amazing how it also allows more time, money, and most importantly room for Joy the truly important things in life!

    • Hi Janet! Thank you for your comments, so good to hear from you. I’m glad you liked and get my terminology. When working with the mindfulness you will continue on the path for a lighter earthprint as well. I wish you the best in your ongoing journey. Peace, Joy, and Intentionality!


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