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Laundry Day in a Tiny Smaller Home

Laundry Day in a Tiny Smaller Home

The actual laundromat I use. Does laundry day strike fear within your household?  Can you imagine having all your clothes in a tiny smaller home and having to figure out how to wash them?  Yes, I know the fear is beginning to rise. When you begin your journey to a smaller home, you usually downsize … Read more

My Ceramic Water Filter System

Clear containers to show filtration. I use the solid food grade buckets. The Ceramic Water Filter System that I use is by Just Water.  I have used this system for the past 5+ years.  I kept this system and brought it with me to my new smaller living home.  I run all my water through … Read more

Water Tiny Home

I have so much to say about water overall, but for today I’ll talk about my current off-grid, non-running water life and current solutions. My smaller home does have a holding fresh water tank of approximately 185 gallons.  I have not yet filled it.   I would like to eventually drill my own well and … Read more