The Job Title of MOM

I do not know who I received the following story from.  I can tell you that it was printed out for me on December 28th, 2005.  With many stay at home mom's feeling they are not important, almost invisible these ...
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Food Allowance $25 A Week – Challenge Accepted

My money was decreasing, waistline increasing, food extras in cabinet/refrigerator that seemed to be expiring before being used and blood pressure beginning to spike.  Perhaps you can relate to one or all of the areas that I just mentioned.  hmmm ...
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Life Changing Book – I Began By Decluttering My Closet

 the life-changing magic of tidying up:  the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Condo This small book by Marie Condo was indeed a life changing book for me.  Armed with this book, Mariah Pastell's tiny downsizing and transition ...
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How Do You Wash Your Clothing in a Tiny Smaller Home?

The actual laundromat I use.Does laundry day strike fear within your household? Can you imagine having all your clothes in a tiny smaller home and having to figure out how to wash them? Yes, I know the fear is beginning ...
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Where Does Your Money Live?

I have a fabulous leather wallet from Italy that answered the above question "Where Does Your Money Live?" My wallet answered with a resounding loud and clear: "not in here!" Can you and your wallet relate?Living in my larger home, ...
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Photo Friday – “And I Think To Myself, It’s A Wonderful World”!

As the Sun Sets The Moon RisesClouds and Sun Co-ExistTake The Time To Breathe and Watch The SunsetWatch Until The Last Rays of Light"If you will stop to see the light, you will be in the moment." ~ BrendaAll photo's ...
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