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There are many reasons one wants or needs to rid their home of clutter. My Top Ten are below (I also claim many of them):

1. To Live A Simpler Life ~ Create Your Oasis!

2. To Move Into a Tiny Home or RV type lifestyle.

3. To Move to Another Area For A Job.

4. To Sell Your Current Home.

5. To Move a Parent/Family Member to Assisted Living.

6. Getting Married or a Blending of Lives.

7. Children Leaving Home, Empty Nester.

8. A desire to Eliminate the Costs of Storage Unit(s).

9. You are Retiring.

10. Need To Sell Off Extras.

You probably fit into one of the above as you read through this article. Many ask me the whys, how to's of downsizing, how I finally downsized in 31 days after attempting/failing over 33 years of my adult life and at 54 finally figuring it all out. In a previous post, I touched on the Clutter Code Chains.

Promising to write in this issue the Types of Items that most people find themselves within their current home. So here we go.

While Spark Joy, Minimalism and DeClutter capture our headlines today and are valid, I go ‘beyond' those and deeper in my proven, proprietary course Downsizing31. I believe and know that it is important to ultimately “CREATE YOUR OASIS”!

300,000 Items!

Did you know that the average American household has over 300,000 items? I may have read that from Andrew Odom a few years ago. Even though that number was ‘then' it still holds true today.

Even within that higher number, ultimately you have four types of items in your home and only three of them actually belong. These are important to know and understand to begin your downsizing journey. It is important that you look at/touch each item and decide which of the 4 categories the item belongs too.

You want to keep the items that :

  1. You Honestly Need
  2. You Really Use
  3. You Truly Love.
  4. The Fourth items are Empty Clutter and no longer belong in your home. ReHome them. Empty Clutter Items no longer serve a purpose for you. There is someone else out there waiting for your empty clutter that will be of need, use or love to them.

The Keywords being Honestly, Really and Truly. Not allowing the Clutter Code Chains in the mix. Do You Honestly Need this? Keep it. Do You Really Use this? Keep it. Do You Truly Love this? Keep it. (no anxiety, fear or clutter code chains in this) Remember You decide what you Keep and what you rehome. (Also, there are no right or wrong amount of items to keep or rehome.)


Imagine coming home to only the things you need, use and love. Your home life is then easy to Organize and put everything in its place. Ahhh the feeling of a Simpler Life, Intentionally, Mindfully Created by You. As you go through your downsizing journey and release of clutter, you will find that you become stronger in your overall decision making. You will feel lighter in mind, body, and spirit. The downsizing process, while starting is so hard, gets easier and touches you down to your soul. I have become stronger, more joy-filled, intentional, mindful and love a simpler truer way of life for myself.

As I was going through my decluttering, downsizing journey I realized I had spent much of my time, energy and money attempting to prove that I was enough, that I was relevant and I was indeed a real person to others through the mountains of things that I owned, acquired, and did. Part of it is from our fabulous retail marketing bombardments, the promises of owning the right items will make someone like you, love you, make you successful or bring you happiness.

Don't Wait

My friend, you already have all that within. I am speaking from my heart when I tell you that You Are Not What You Own, Your belongings do not really define who you are. Each person is very unique, in inner gifts, mind, and voice. There is beauty inside out. Believe in you, your ‘God' given talents. Don't wait to Create Your Oasis and live that Oasis Life. Begin Now, Today! If I can be of assistance or answer any questions, I'll be happy to help.

This article was seen in the February 2019 Issue #75 of The Tiny House Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Create Your Oasis”

  1. Brenda, you are so on target! As a professional organizer, I see lots of homes with lots of stuff. I must confess that I too have more than I need. I believe 300,000 items are in many homes and that we need so much less.

    I have been reading your book and have market several spots to remind me of my mission to be clutter free in my home. After reading your journey, I know I can do it. I look forward to hearing you speak sometime. You are correct “Don’t let clutter hold you back for one more day.” You are inspirational.

    • Cynthia, You can indeed be clutter free and Create Your Home Oasis. Definitely keeping what you honestly need, really use and truly love, the rest is empty clutter and rehome it. The rest then organize how you want it in your Oasis!


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