Don’t Wait For Tomorrow


A new day, each and every day. We all have them. Cool, right? Why then, with almost not even thinking, do we often say: “Hello Today, Can I put you on hold? Tomorrow is calling.” Without waiting for Today to answer, we click the hold button. (ugh!) We leave Today screaming NO I WILL NOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW! NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

With all going on around us, it is hard to be mindful in the moment, doing what we can for and in Today. You must remember that the path of Today leads us into Tomorrow. Do not miss the joy of the journey! Being present in today with dreams for tomorrow is the ticket.

Being the downsizing consultant, I fully understand the overwhelm of life clutter, the paralyzation in it all. Yet, more importantly, I know the scenario of what I spoke of above. Do not wait for tomorrow, do not wait for that 'round to it', do not wait for when everything lines up perfectly! Yes, I do know that there is work to be done. Sometimes even i's need to be dotted and t's need to be crossed before things can happen. That is my point if Today is the day to dot those i's, do it.

Tomorrow Dreams

I remember the dreams and the draw of a simpler life I had for myself. Even from my seemingly perfect larger home and lifestyle, I remember putting many todays on hold for tomorrows, and ultimately standing still. Putting today on hold, allows time to pass us by and then life is seemingly unfair and we are getting nowhere fast.


Many would like to go into a tiny home. Then there are the issues that arise: where will I legally park it?, or pulling the finances together for purchasing, or finding the builder, getting out from under Stuff, too many people, not enough people, so we wait and don't do anything. Not judging here, understanding and saying you CAN live a simpler lifestyle starting TODAY. Do so, continue to make those mindful steps TODAY toward the TOMORROW you want.


Begin today by asking yourself, WHY do you want a tiny house? Is it for a simpler life? To have a home? To get out of debt? A smaller earth footprint? For the freedom to travel? For freedom? Take an honest look at what you are willing to do today to make this happen. What are the changes you can personally begin to make Today toward your dream for Tomorrow? Regardless of the current size of your home, begin your simpler lifestyle right where you are, Today not Tomorrow. (spoiler alert, today will become today again tomorrow, and continuing each day forward.)

Also, know that your current lifestyle will follow you into a tiny home. For example, if one continues to make purchases Not Really needed, used or loved when you are finally out of debt, regardless of the size of your home, you will still create debt.

Begin, Do Not Wait For Tomorrow

Therefore begin by living your Simpler Life Today right where you are! You put your life into your home, your home does not create your life. Live in Your Today! I look forward to seeing you, hearing from you or helping you on your new path.

Above all, Your happiness comes from within. That said, getting real, mindful, intentional, back to your true inner desires will allow you to be happy in your Tiny House. Finally, it is your lifestyle and mindset in Today that gets you to your dreams for Tomorrow.

This article first appeared in the Tiny House Magazine, where I am a monthly contributor.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait For Tomorrow”

    • Kevin, thank you so much for the mention of my book on your website! Regardless of the size of your home, it will indeed show one how to create their own clutter free home oasis! A must whether one is going smaller, staying where you are, or even going into a larger home. You have a wonderful resource website

    • Linda, The size of your home, desired or current as I always say does not matter. It is all about you Creating Your Home Oasis! Keeping what you honestly need, really use and truly love – the rest is empty clutter and needs to be rehomed 🙂 .


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