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Feng Shui Top Ten Tips (#2)

Feng Shui Top Ten Tips and Tiny Homes I do believe (know) that homes of any size have a much lighter feeling without clutter.  Feng Shui agrees and is especially helpful in working to create a more spacious feeling within a Tiny Home.  A feeling of openness, space, and flow are essential.  Let’s explore how … Read more

Create Your Oasis and Simple Feng Shui (#1)

What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an old Chinese study that believes human beings and the environment they are surrounded by (their home, workspace, etc.) is full of tangible but invisible energy. This energy is known as Chi’. The energy Chi’ belief goes further in that there are two energies.  The first energy is … Read more

The Weight of Minimalism Decluttering Downsizing

Minimalism, Decluttering and Downsizing!

The most popular words that I hear are Minimalism, Decluttering, and even Downsizing.  They are what I am frequently asked to speak on.  UGH! Those words “seem HEAVY to my soul”. Drive Me Nuts!  Why?  They have become labels, catchwords, and keywords. All three are very real.  We all hover around one if not all … Read more

I Started Decluttering My Clothing

On May 1st, 2015, I began my journey of downsizing to a tiny home.   Making the decision to begin by decluttering my clothing, was good.  With seemingly constant prayers to God, Facebook postings, and calls with friends & family, my fast and often overwhelming month timeframe of my journey of decluttering and downsizing began. My ‘then’ closet … Read more