Budget $25 For My Weekly Food Allowance


Budget $25 Food Allowance

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First of all I found my money/food allowance was decreasing while my waistline was increasing. I also found my food extras in the cabinet and refrigerator seemed to be expiring before being used. On top of all that, my blood pressure was beginning to spike.  Perhaps you too can relate to one or all of the areas that I just spoke of.

Due to living my smaller life, I now tend to notice areas of true unnecessary extra’s. Hence my food spending habits became a neon warning light.  Here is what I decided and my personal food allowance challenge to myself:

It seemed to me that by cutting out most processed sugars, prepackaged processed foods, keeping an eye out on ‘deals’ and coupons, perhaps I could eat on a $25 dollar a week food allowance.  In buying exactly what I need for the week, I would have little to no waste in food or money and would intentionally eat healthier as well.

As a result, the benefits to myself in this personal challenge would be:  better stewardship of money, I would be eating healthier, thus feeling better, naturally bringing down my blood pressure, naturally losing weight, and being kinder overall to my body.  True benefits befitting living life in a huge way.

I decided all this just after Christmas 2015.  My weekly paychecks would be smaller with the holiday season over. Friday, January 1st, 2016 would be a great time to start.  This is not a New Year resolution.  It seems to be  another way of life that I’m taking on.  Partly due to financial necessity; also because it will be a fun learning experience and definitely an overall challenge.

Most of all I love to cook, eat, create, work numbers and share by talking and blogging.

I’ll be posting on how my personal $25 weekly food allowance challenge is going. Sharing the things I’m learning, what works for me and what doesn’t.  Perhaps you’ll be able to use some of the above in your own life or have a suggestion for me.  In conclusion this is an open university for us.  Feel free to join in. I look forward to hearing from you.  Leave a comment below.  Brenda

4 thoughts on “Budget $25 For My Weekly Food Allowance

  1. Hello, I enjoyed hearing about your $25 food challenge. Way to go! One day at a time for me changing my eating habits. I started my new life eating habits on January 4, 2016. It’s called the 21 day no junk food challenge. I’m under the weather today, so not a lot of eating going on. Hope to get back to work tomorrow.

    • One of the benefits of my $25 a week is that it really doesn’t afford me any junk food. I think eating healthy is simply the best way to go and being aware what is in your foods…keep us posted on your 21 day challenge – I believe it will become a way of life.

    • Thanks Paul. $25 sounded like a lot to begin with. I’m not starting with a stocked pantry, so it has been interesting into my second week to attempt to make it. Do you have a food budget? If so, one you’d be willing to share back?

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