The Size Of Ice Cream, Defining a Minimalist?


I love simple pleasures – I've discovered Haagen-Dazs' white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream.  Yummm!  Perhaps Minimalist size?


Recently at the grocery store on the frozen aisle, another shopper said to me – “I recognize you”.  They continued to say “I couldn't be a minimalist like you.”  I'm sure I looked a little surprised- she continued – “I couldn't possibly live with a tiny refrigerator and no freezer.  Now I was definitely looking puzzled.  She nodded to my cart and my one 14 oz. size container of the above-stated pleasure.  Then the shopper looked really confused as I continued to put ‘2 more' in my cart.  One butter pecan and one chocolate chip cookie dough.  (I have more than a single simple pleasure in my life.)  Smiling I and said, “I'm pleased you recognized me, I do have my smaller home, but I do have a good sized refrigerator/freezer, it fits all my needs.”  (remember, I write like I talk, so I continued on)

Frugal Bonus

“I am the one who put the restriction of size on myself – not because of the size of my freezer – but to keep me from fully indulging in an entire half gallon size.”  “Plus I do enjoy all 3 flavors.”  “Here is where my minimalist style does kick in – I have a coupon for $1.50 off 3 Haagen-Dazs' ice-creams that are also on sale in the store – so I saved $4.50 – that was like getting one for free.”

She was great, decided to try my new found flavor and asked me about other specials in the store that I knew of.

My point – besides my simple ice cream pleasure?  Just because one down-sizes their possessions or their home, does not mean we choose to go without.  It does mean I ‘do' get to choose.  So, yes, I am a minimalist in the way that I have downsized things that used to take up my energy, space.  Now surrounding myself with things that I love, truly enjoying the biggest pleasure of all – life.

5 thoughts on “The Size Of Ice Cream, Defining a Minimalist?”

  1. I enjoyed reading your ice cream story, and love the reasons why you chose the smaller size. Even tho you are "living smaller" — still sounds like a very full life ! I know the Haagen-Daz is delicious ice cream, and I will try the new flavor. Keep up the good work with the smaller living in your new smaller "Home". I'm enjoying your blogs ! SAL


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