Smaller Home Sweet Home – Photo Friday


Smaller Living Huge Life – Conversion Coach Home

Smaller Home Sweet Home – Photo Friday – just a quick snapshot of my new smaller place.

The power of the camera is amazing, this angle makes my smaller home look huge…

It is an older bus that was converted to a motor coach in 1998…

…Back in February of 2015 (not very long ago) I was sitting in my 3100 s.f., 5 bedroom, 3 bath, rented home in Utah working on solutions to get back to Virginia in June, and attaining a much smaller, less costly and wallet friendly place to live.

I researched and love all the tiny homes, feeling that was my solution and loving the entire concept. Yet this solution was going to require time and money – even if I could build and re-purpose free materials. Could I convert some one's garage?  That too would take extra money & “time”.  I love design and construction and decided I would want to take a little time on a build of any kind.  Hmmm, time is ticking, I'm going to move to VA – yikes rents are as high if not higher than I'm already paying, even for small places there…..Think of all possibilities inside and outside the box.

Outside the box:  A close family member had been attempting to sell their motor coach a few years back – I wonder…
I made a call, explained what I wanted to do – downsizing, off-grid living or as close to it as I could come, move back to Virginia to be closer to family, minimal overhead in expenses.  It was a win-win solution.  I have my home shown above.

Inside views and more details coming very soon.  I'll share my research and decisions and questions that every smaller/portable/off-grid home has had to decide and deal with.  I've been looking into and figuring out all that will work best for me in my own daily life style.  Solutions to power, heating for the upcoming winter, water supply, cooking, creative storage solutions, Internet, and the much talked about bathroom/toilet solutions…

I do love smaller living and my huge life!

10 thoughts on “Smaller Home Sweet Home – Photo Friday”

  1. Hey Girl! Looks "amazing" as I knew it would…thank you for the "tour" the other day…you have "all"you need to have a fabulous new adventure! 🙂 <3 Blessings over "all" you do!!!!! 🙂 <3
    PS…I keep decorating your abode in my mind..FUN!!!! and ENJOY!!!!

  2. Congrats on all that you are doing! It takes a lot to downsize and get rid of stuff you thought you needed. It is amazing that we keep buying larger and larger homes, not to have more comfort, but to add more room for storing our junk. Keep up the good work and sharing.


  3. It was driven to this spot on June 20th, 2015 a few days after I arrived in VA. Will keep the engine in running shape and the tires in good condition moving a tad every once in awhile. Won't be doing any road trips though – There isn't much to the pipes, right now it has been winter stored. Not sure I'm going to do much via water right away…but I'm still thinking of that – since I'm actually living in it – it will be heated. The water tanks and pipes is inside one of the undercarriage compartments – so I may be good to go….Again, currently I'm not doing a running water thing….Only been in it 2 months – and we'll know for sure on winter next spring :)…I'll be posting more. Thanks for your interest.

  4. The picture shows it parked in my "home" spot. (surrounded by 15 acres – that I used to own) I am off grid except I do have electric. Currently no running water but so far so good. I'll do a post on it all soon.

  5. I wonder how long it's been since it has run and drove… Also, any idea on how to NOT have the plumbing freeze up? I have no idea of how protected (and heated) the pipes might be…


  6. Brenda–where will you be parking your motor coach? Are you off-grid already or in the process?

    That's so wonderful that you had the friend who wanted to sell one. That worked out well for you both!

  7. It looks very sleek and modern!! And it does look big, as you said. I'd love to hear how you handle the internet issue, and also if you get cable. I'm not ready to "cut the cord" yet. Not convinced that going thru all the separate options is really any cheaper.


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