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The Moving Company – DIY

After much research into various ways to move my remaining belongings from Utah to Virginia,  I decided that my best option for the upcoming move would be DIY.  This would entail a new set of tires, a spare, an oil change and e-z lube for my 2002 Suburban.  Then I would need to purchase a 5'x8′ Wells Fargo Fast Track Cargo Trailer.  Complete with barn doors, 15″ radial trailer tires, and a new spare tire for this trailer.

My DIY Moving Approach:

Let me start with my beginning approach.  I researched regular movers, Pods, Pack Rats, U-haul trucks & trailers.  The research defined that the minimum starting price would easily be $3,500 and up for this move.  Regardless of my mover choice, additional costs would be incurred to bring myself and the Suburban back to Virginia.

The Why of a ‘Pod Type' Moving Solution Not Working:

Originally, using a Pod looked great.   I really liked the idea of being able to put items for the move out of the house and into a unit. To have a Pod delivered there had to be an acceptable drop space.  My Utah residence did not have a workable Pod space anywhere!

With further research, the Pod couldn't be delivered directly to my home location in Virginia.  Although it could be delivered to their in-town Pod storage facility.  There would be a monthly storage fee to me.  The distance would be an hour drive each way from my home to unload the Pod. Most likely taking several trips.

I would need a place to put the items brought back from the Pod storage facility.  This would entail a purchase of an on-site storage shed. Driving back and forth would be costly.  Also, once the moving money was spent it would simply be gone. The DIY Pod moving option was not looking good.  With all of the above, you can imagine that a U-Haul-It option would have the same problematic issues for me.

Wisely Became My Own Moving Company

Personally, I like to get “the most for the least”.  I decided I could purchase a trailer and do the move myself.   The trailer would fit in my Utah driveway.  This would give me an easy option of moving items out of my house into it. My suburban easily had the capacity to pull the trailer.

Another advantage would be that my ‘stored' items would already be with me when I arrived in Virginia.  Unpacking would be simple. No additional cash outlays or fees. Once the trailer was empty I would have the option to sell it. Having the option to recoup a good percentage of the money spent on the move was great.  Should I decide to keep the trailer, (it really is a nice one) I would still come in way under what the cost of the other options would have been.

The plan worked beautifully!

Yet another example of smaller living, allowing me to live life in a huge way!

*The drive took me 3 and a half days.  I utilized KOA cabins at night.  The drive was approx. 2,200 miles.  I was fortunate and had no problems along the way.  Weather and gas prices held nicely for me.*

10 thoughts on “THE MOVING COMPANY”

  1. Glad it all worked out. I've done the cross country drive with a 14' uhaul towing my car on a trailer. From Florida to California it took me 6 days. I had serious back issues, dog, cat and my son, who was only 12 at the time.

    I'd consider the suburban option, but our 1998 suburban has finally bit the dust.

    I'm wondering what I can tow with my Honda Pilot.

    Best of luck to you in your new home.

  2. Hey Brenda sounds like you definitely put a lot of thought into getting from point a to point b.

    I wanted to also let you know that I get email updates from people who post on Mariah's Google+ group and so I got your last post in an email but when I went to see the post on that site it wasn't there and the link to the site didn't work. Check it out there's info there on steps you need to take to make that link work. Good luck.

  3. Cool Ellie – Thanks for checking this out. Hope school is going great and you continue to check in on the site when you have a chance. I'll be branching out into more topics eventually. 🙂


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