Why Smaller Living Huge Life?


I actually came up with the blog name “SmallerLivingHugeLife” while I was still back in Salt Lake City, Utah and at the beginning of my decision to move homeward to Virginia.

While attempting to create a “tiny home” blog name and being in the beginning stages of my process of  “letting go in a big way” to be able to ‘afford to make the big move' and to go tiny in a home…I realized that not only was I going Smaller in my Living square footage; I also wanted to have Smaller outlay in bills, Smaller imprint left on the earth, Smaller amount of cleaning and organization time spent in the day to day life hum of things…I wanted to live a large, no, a HUGE bliss-filled meaningful Life.  Well shoot, almost everyone I know desires that life in some form or other.  Thus, the title of “SmallerLivingHugeLife” blog and motto began…

On February 28th I signed up for an eight week online downsizing course that began the next morning, March 1st and over the next 8 weeks made huge changes in my life…on April 14th I gave 16 days notice at work that my final day was going to be April 30th.  On May 1st I began my journey of downsizing a 54 year accumulation of ‘prized possessions' with the plan of going from a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3100 s.f. home in 31 days to a 310 ft. motor coach on wheels…And I did it all!
Not an easy task – will be sharing more on this and how in the coming days….

14 thoughts on “Why Smaller Living Huge Life?”

  1. Tam – I did downsize almost everything 90% would be accurate. I had so much lots of collections, crafts etc. too – I'll be addressing this in my upcoming posts. I did keep the things that I truly love, assessed the why behind much – Not being a minimalist in living life, but have learned to minimize the things/people that kept me from living… Thanks for your support and kind words. What you decide to whittle down will be perfect for you.

  2. Yay for writing your first post! I'm super excited to read more of them. I kept doing the math- she's downsizing 90%??? That takes a lot doing. I love the idea of being a minimalist, but I think I'm too much of a crafter and too sentimental to really do it. But I'm trying to make efforts to whittle down as much as I can!

  3. I will be posting photo's with all of my posts real soon. As soon as I have them and have the 'how' all figured out. I may have to come back and add the to posts already up…Thanks…(another part of life was being a professional photographer…back in the film days)

  4. Congratulations on starting your blog and your tiny living journey! We are in the process of finishing out tiny house now. Just a few more things to finish before we can move in! I'm so excited. I know how hard it can be to start a blog. My first post was the hardest. Once I started, it was pretty easy. I try to write a post after each step of our build, in hopes that it will inspire others. I'll be tuning in to see how you are doing. We'd love to see some pictures of your new home! 🙂

  5. Peggy, Thank you for coming to the site. You can indeed do all that you are hoping to do. Begin your downsizing now…Being in Mariah's class and our community is a wonderful step towards what you want. I'll be sharing more each day in the month of September on this blog…


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