Breathe and Simply Be


Sounds truly blissful, doesn't it?   I can tell you, it is indeed.  But Brenda; you may want to ‘scream' at me ~ I've got so much to do, I don't even have time to Breathe!!!  I've got so much clutter in my mind, my possessions, my work, my chores, my relationships, my life, my children, my pet/s, the list goes on…  You want me to sit for a moment pray, meditate….seriously, I do not have time to Breathe!!!  (let alone give anything over to God – read my lips – I'm too busy)

Those that know me and also those who are just attempting to read my words here in my blog – get a sense of how ‘busy' my own mind is.

In January of  2015 in an airport, I picked up two* ‘small' books to read.  Both began me on my journey to figure out a fast-track path to downsize, smaller living and my current Huge Life.  The first one:  Mindfulness On The Go:  Inner Peace in Your Pocket, by Padraig O'Morain.  This is the human side reminder of the ‘how' to be able to stop all the mind clutter and simply be in the moment – to actually feel and know the bliss in being present and living in each and every moment.

I believe in God, the Universe, Nature and being able to commune in this realm ~ but in being human and because of the busyness, worry, fear that can accumulate in our minds it is difficult to let all the busyness go and be in the moment.

This book and actually being mindful in the moment was very helpful to me, as I had to let go of all the overwhelming possessions, and all that I didn't realize (emotions) would be attached to them in the whole downsizing process…My prayer was “God this is so hard, please help me” and “Breathe” — on the human side – Be present by being mindful and thus, at peace in your moments.  I highly recommend this book…Enjoy…

*The second ‘small' book I purchased was: ‘the life changing magic of tidying up:  the japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo*

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  1. You are welcome. It's my last book suggestion for a while. After these two I was busy in the downsizing and move and now living smaller – I haven't done much reading… 🙂 Best to you on your journey path. ~ B.


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