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Smaller Home Storage Solutions give our inner creative being a time to shine.

I've been studying everything about smaller living.  On the ‘Tiny Home' shows, they talk about storage going up the height of the walls, under staircases, etc. In my fabulous Motor Coach style smaller home, I don't have the climbing wall height as an option.

In looking at my smaller home from all ‘angles' creativity began to ‘sparkle'.

Door #1               Door #2               Door #3

I have 3 undercarriage cargo doors.  This is almost like playing “Let's Make A Deal”.  Going left to right as you are facing this post – Door # 1 is on the left, Door # 2 is center and Door #3 is on the right.  Well friends, I Chose Door #3.

Great Choice – Door #3

This is what I won!  (already here when I acquired my home) Yes, I'll be touching each and every item, assessing it's useful purpose, organizing and perhaps a few donations/sales.  I've a wonderful talent in organizing and sizing smaller now.

The reason I am sooo excited is – just think – airtight, watertight, lockable, virtually insect free, self-contained & valuable real estate.  There are a couple of electrical outlets, so they could even be climate controlled when needed. Door #3's compartment is approx. 4 & 1/2 feet wide by 3 & 1/2 feet high by 7 & 1/2 feet deep.  The cargo hold can be accessed all the way through, as it has matching doors on the other side.  (all 3 cargo areas are the same size and quality)

Door #1 has a bit of space taken up by the workings and holdings associated with a converted Motor Coach style smaller home.  Door # 2 has some of the electric workings and some space too.  A future reveal blog on those doors.

Lots to do, decide and more to show and tell right here on SmallerLivingHugeLife.




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  1. I enjoyed your scenario of "Let's Make A Deal" with the 3 Doors. Door No. 3 sounds interesting. Hopefully you'll find some useful items in there ! Also within the other two doors ! SAL


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