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In January 2015, when I was just beginning to formulate my idea of living smaller, moving back into the country onto 15 acres, I decided to take a walk on that very land.  I've always loved nature and decided I needed a quiet place to go.  Needing to be mindful at the moment.  Wanting to just get that inner feeling for what I thought I was going to be doing.  I knew that nature could be quite loud and also silent when you take a moment to listen.  Yes, that is exactly what I needed.

As I began my walk I stood to just listen, breathe and feel my surroundings. The main thing that I noticed was, WOWSA it is really loud here!  There was absolutely no human sound around me other than my own breath.  Nature itself was loud.  All the birds, insects, a few dogs, frogs, almost a crescendo at a symphony.  Well, the conductor had me fully in the moment and with rapt attention.  I do truly love the outdoors, so my words are very real as to how it seemed.
As I began to walk forward in wonder, amazement and love it all – I realized with each step, the ‘volume' seemed to be turning down.  By the time I got to the other side of where the pond was, I was in complete, mind-numbing silence.  Sitting down I was very still and sat in awe of the silence.  After some time passed, the volume; seemingly one part of nature at a time, began to go back to the full chorus.   A beyond cool experience.
All was right in the world and I had been a part of it all in that moment and place.  I knew I'd be back to live in a smaller way to live a huge life.

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