Where Does Your Money Live?


Where does your money live?

I have a fabulous leather wallet from Italy that answered the above question “Where Does Your Money Live?”   My wallet answered with a resounding loud and clear:  “not in here”!  Can you and your wallet relate?

Living in my larger home, a little over 80% of my net income went to pay the ‘rent'.  Leaving the remainder for some of the other major monthly zappers like utilities, car payments/expenses, insurances, just to name a mere few.

Fortunately, I have an incredible talent for being able to make a dollar stretch, getting the deals, purchasing items on sale, repurposing, all keeping a mutiny from my wallet at bay.

The two photos below give a visual of  the money expenses and savings in both a large home and a tiny smaller home.

Expenses in Larger Home
Savings in Tiny Smaller Home

Living in my larger home the ‘paper money' represents my expenses for that home:  the rent, (not even a mortgage-with the hope of owning one day) utilities, upkeep and so forth.  The ‘coin change' represents what I had left over for My wallet.

Now living in my tiny smaller home the ‘coin change' represents my expenses for this home, utilities, upkeep and so forth.  While all the ‘paper money' represents what I have left over to live in My wallet.  Which way would you choose?  Be sure to leave your answer in the comments.

Expenses in Tiny Smaller  Home
Savings in Larger HomeThere were many reasons my tiny smaller home works for me – this is simply one.
Take charge of Where Your Money Lives!


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