A Natural Mosquito Repellent By My Front Door – It Really Does Help.


This is a snapshot of the potted plants by my front door.  My smaller home is surrounded by woods. We have mosquitoes!

Not wanting my home or myself to become a local diner for the mosquito population, I planted various ‘repelling' plants in a large pot very close to my entrance.  You do want your plants to be similar in their sun and watering needs when you plant them in a shared container.

Plants That Help Repel Mosquitos, Naturally

It was early summer and I planted:  Lavender, Citronella, Marigolds, Lemon Balm, and Peppermint.  A sunny yellow Lily was also planted just for visual fun. There are certainly more mosquito repelling plants, the ones I listed are what I had available for planting. The chosen foliage and blooms have worked great in their mosquito repelling purpose.  I love the aroma as I go in and out the door.  While I'm working outside, I can simply take a leaf, then rub it across my skin and rarely get a mosquito bite.

I have also collected the seeds from the Marigold pods as they fade for later planting.  The few seeds that I have replanted are already coming up. The remainders I'll save to plant in spring.  The Lavender will be great for sachets and I'm hoping it will winter over and come back in the spring.  The Peppermint is fun! I  pop a slightly crushed leaf or two in my water to infuse a refreshing taste.  The Citronella is from the geranium family, their leaves are also great to add to flowers in a vase, great fillers and help hold other flowers – adding their lemony scent is also a bonus.

The Mosquitoes have stayed away and the butterflies have played. Remember to enjoy nature every day.  You don't have to live in the country to be outside or look out a window.

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