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My money was decreasing, waistline increasing, food extras in cabinet/refrigerator that seemed to be expiring before being used and blood pressure beginning to spike.  Perhaps you can relate to one or all of the areas that I just mentioned.  hmmm…

Living my smaller life, I now tend to notice areas of true unnecessary extra’s – my food spending habits became a neon warning light.  Here is what I decided and my personal challenge to self:

By cutting out most unnatural sugars and prepackaged processed foods, keeping an eye out on ‘deals’ and coupons, perhaps I could eat on $25 dollars a week.  In buying exactly what I need for the week, I would have little to no waste in food or money and would eat healthier and deliberate.

Benefits to myself of this challenge:  stewardship of money, eating healthier, feeling better, naturally bringing down my blood pressure, naturally losing weight, and being kinder to my body.  True benefits befitting to living life in a huge way.

I decided all this just after Christmas 2015.  Knowing my weekly paychecks would be smaller with the holiday season over, Friday, January 1st, 2016 would be a great time to start.  This is not a New Year resolution.  It is yet another way of life that I’m taking on.  Out of financial necessity partly; also because it will be a fun learning experience, and for sure a challenge.

I love to cook, eat, create, work numbers and share by talking and blogging……

I hope you’ll follow this small part of my journey.  I’ll be posting each week on how my personal $25 weekly food challenge is going, the things I’m learning, what works for me and what doesn’t.  Perhaps you’ll be able to use some of it in your own life, have a suggestion for me – afterall, this is an open university for us.  Feel free to join in – look forward to hearing from you ~ Brenda

4 thoughts on “Food Allowance $25 A Week – Challenge Accepted

  1. Hello, I enjoyed hearing about your $25 food challenge. Way to go! One day at a time for me changing my eating habits. I started my new life eating habits on January 4, 2016. It’s called the 21 day no junk food challenge. I’m under the weather today, so not a lot of eating going on. Hope to get back to work tomorrow.

    • One of the benefits of my $25 a week is that it really doesn’t afford me any junk food. I think eating healthy is simply the best way to go and being aware what is in your foods…keep us posted on your 21 day challenge – I believe it will become a way of life.

    • Thanks Paul. $25 sounded like a lot to begin with. I’m not starting with a stocked pantry, so it has been interesting into my second week to attempt to make it. Do you have a food budget? If so, one you’d be willing to share back?

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